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Our Service
Litigation, Legal Action and Lawsuits
  • - Litigation services for all kind of court actions in all areas of law such as civil law, criminal law, labor law, bankruptcy, intellectual property, requests for corporate rehabilitation including proceedings in the civil court up to the Supreme court (final judgment or order)
  • - Execution and enforcement of judgments or orders - Proceedings Seizure of Property, Sequestrations or Auctioning Agreements

Legal Consulting Services
  • Consultancy on labor law, inheritance law, commercial law and law on expropriation.
Contract Law
      Drafting agreements such as commercial contracts, financial agreements, merger agreements, debt restructuring agreements, rehabilitation agreements, etc.
Wills and Inheritance Protocols
      Advisory on last wills and drafting service by experienced and proficient lawyers .
Debt Collection Service
      Helping and planning with the procedure to collect and negotiate the debt without further legal proceedings.
Private Investigations and Due Diligence
      Detecting or identifying criminal actions or misconduct, finding missing persons, heirs or properties concerning the verdict of judges.
Corporate and Intellectual Property Registration
      Providing service to set up limited companies or limited partnerships and public companies including patent, copyright, trademark application and work permits for foreigners.
Certification by Notary Public of Legal Documents (Notarial Services Attorney)
      Verifying authenticity of certifications, translations, and persons and their signatures in order to submit the documents to the Department of Business Development, the Ministry of Commerce or other authorities concerned.